The week started with Major Tim Peake, the British astronaut,  leaving a voice mail message for his parents from the International Space Station.  This is probably the longest distance missed phone call in history! This can certainly be said to be “from a distance”.

Over the last few days,  a song has come on the radio that they called the Christmas version of “From a Distance” sung by Bette Midler. As I have listened to it, I have heard the words of the song saying “God is watching you, ….. ftom a distance”.
However, those words aren’t quite right. God is watching you (and me), but not from a distance. He is close, and wants to be closer to you. As we have been celebrating Christmas, this is what it is all about – God came close to us in His Son Jesus.
It is your choice whether you only allow God to watch you from a distance – or whether you allow Him to be close to you, and you to Him. I pray that this year you will choose the latter!