Our Background

C Management Services has been set up by Paul Burnell. Paul spent over 20 years in banking, dealing with both personal and business customers, leading and merging teams, setting up a new Service Centre – and winding it down. He was part of national steering groups that led his business unit to accreditation as an Investor in People and for ISO 9001 Quality Assurance awards and then audited offices to ensure standards were maintained.

For 8 years he worked for a local Baptist church, dealing with all of the “business” side of the church – financial, legal, buildings etc. He led the church in adopting a new Constitution that then enabled the church to register as a charity in its own right and deals with all of the paperwork that is required to be sent to the Charity Commission. He dealt with all of the financial records (the church independent examiners commented that the information forwarded to them are in their top 10%) and also recording and claiming Gift Aid.

Paul has always sought to study leadership and management – both from those that have been in positions of leadership over or alongside him and also from books, dvds, podcasts, attending leadership conferences. He seeks to take the ideas that appeal to him, the ways that he enjoyed being managed and merge them together in the way that he leads others.

Paul has spent his life being involved in churches in various ways – volunteer, leader, trustee and employee. He has been a school governor and also works closely with other charities and has links with the local County Voluntary Council. He has a passion to see churches and charities move from the historic ad hoc, haphazard way of seeking to forward the cause, to meeting the requirements that the current days demand – acting professionally, efficiently and transparently. He believes that we should lead our organisations well, treat our employees properly, ensure financial records are complete and in order, income streams maximised, paperwork kept properly, our systems and processes should be clear and effective etc. Our churches and charities can excel at the way that they are run, which will have a big impact in helping the charity or church in achieving its aims.

If you want help in any of the “background” issues that need to be dealt with, he would welcome your call, and love to work with you to build a great organisation.