Overcoming Obstacles

To fulfulling your charity’s vision

“Even the longest life is a short ride. Be true to your dreams, talents and values today” – Robin Sharma


There are many areas that we can assist in to help your organisation prove excellence in its operation. Please click on the heading for more details – but if your need is not listed, please get in touch anyway as we may still be able to help you, we can’t list everything we can do to help.


If your problem is that you, or others on your team, need some training in a particular area, then we can help. We can provide training in various areas of leadership and management, customer service, responsibilities of Trustees, use of social media, financial recordkeeping, charity governance and other areas.

Financial Services

There may be some support that you need in respect of your organisation’s finances. We can help with bookkeeping, Independent Examination, Gift Aid, payroll, budgeting, finding suitable grant funders and assisting with putting applications together.

Identity Development

Your charity needs to develop its own identity that people can connect with, It needs to say what your charity is all about in a way that people will remember. We can help with various aspects of this identity development.

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Meeting the expectations of our clients and service users is so important, but what happens when you know you can't, and have to manage their expectations to a new reality? I write this on a Sunday afternoon flight returning from a weeks holiday in Lanzarote. We had...

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Is Disney Losing Its Way?

I write this on a plane on the way home from a few days in Disneyland Paris with the kids. I must say that after several previous trips and a few Florida Disney holidays, I have always been someone that has held up Disney as one of the best examples of providing a...

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From a Distance ……..or Not?

The week started with Major Tim Peake, the British astronaut,  leaving a voice mail message for his parents from the International Space Station.  This is probably the longest distance missed phone call in history! This can certainly be said to be "from a distance"....

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