Here are some testimonials that have been provided by people that know Paul, have worked with him and that he has worked with.

“Paul has extensive experience in admin operations, at a senior level, particularly in the charity sector. He has integrity, is competent, sets high standards and is highly recommended. It’s a privilege to have access to his skills and I enjoy regularly comparing notes with him.”
Daryl Martin, Director of Alliance for the Voluntary Sector (AFVS) and Director of Independent Examiners Ltd (IEL)

“The knowledge and expertise that Paul offers has always been really invaluable to me. Not only does he bring a wealth of knowledge to the table but it is also backed up by the practical experience of having worked within a church environment. I am always happy to recommend Paul to any church or parachurch organisation; he offers excellent results and peace of mind.”
Jon Stockley, CVM & Former Centre Manager at Thornhill Church Centre, Cardiff

“In a busy church or charity environment, Paul has the ability to stream-line finances and monthly reporting so that Trustees can efficiently grasp the important figures they are required to understand. He has successfully secured funding and has both the knowledge and experience to assist in a number of areas many churches and smaller charities struggle with.”
Simeon Baker, Baptist Minister

“Policies; Process and Procedures – increasingly these have shifted in the modern church from being desirable to essential. With the constant changes in legal requirements and the need to make sure we are doing things right we can no longer afford to be amateurish where these things are concerned. Paul Burnell has a proven track record in helping churches set up policies, processes and procedures and also apply them in practise.”
Richard Hardy, Senior Minister, Albany Road Baptist Church, Cardiff and Director, The Entheos Trust www.theentheostrust.org

“I’ve known Paul as a friend and as a work colleague within the financial industry for 14 years. I’ve always known him to be a man of honesty and integrity with his commitment to God and to his family evident and unwavering. His skills and disposition stand him in good stead for this new venture.”
Clayton Sandry, Bank Manager & Elder, Peniel Pentecostal Church, Glynneath