Identity Development

You need to develop your organisational uniqueness – help you to stand out from the crowd. Why should people look to support you or use your services rather than another charity? In the same way as a corporate business has its brand, so charitable organisations need to have their identity. We all have certain values and behaviours that we expect of our staff and volunteers and a mission to fulfil. We can help you to develop that identity for your organisation in several ways.


We can help you to talk through the aims of your organisation, filtering it down to the overall reason for your existence. We can then turn this into a short statement that sums up the identity of your organisation for you to put on your website, flyers, social media feeds, letterheads and email signatures to get the message across in all communication.    


Every organisation has its own ethos, and from that come the values that you expect to see lived out within your organisation. The ethos and values are part of your identity and define the culture of the organisation – and have to be evident from top to bottom. We can help to chat through the things that are important to you and help to produce the wording for your ethos and values document that can be used to inform staff, volunteers and supporters of the things that are important to you.


We all need pictures and images to help to communicate what we are about, and to help to advertise our services and events. But is there a connection between the images we use and the documents mentioned above? They all give people a message about the identity of our organisation. We can help you in thinking about the types of images that back the other things up – providing them for you as well if required.  


The identity of your organisation needs to be evident in every access point. Most of us now have a website and use some forms of social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. We can help you to think through what you want these outlets to say about you – and can manage them for you as well if required. Your identity is so important in today’s world. If you would like to talk through any of these issues, please get in touch.


What culture do you want to permeate through your organisation? Laid back and informal, or a more formal style. What is the dress code. How do you expect staff to treat each other and address each other? What behaviour is acceptable, and what isn’t, and how do you communicate that to you staff and volunteers? We can help you in deciding what you want your organisation to be like, and how you want it to feel and advise on how to make that happen.